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Boots, boots, boots… They are everywhere. They look stunning on a woman’s feet and even make everyone look around seeing gorgeous lady wearing a good pair one. Even Hollywood stars are fond of wearing sexy and sleek pair of boots. Now, ordinary women can look like celebrities by just wearing good pair of extra wide calf winter boots.

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With the many styles, designs, and sizes, there is one most common pair of boots that made a lot of women want to wear them every occasion. It’s thewide calf boots. Yes, this type of boots does come in different colors: in red, beige, brown, black, grey and the like. As to the toe, it can be either rounded or pointed. Heels do come in variety as well; it’s either over an inch or below an inch. There are even some that do come in wedges too.

When it comes to design, adding a bit of details like lace, buckles or belts make the shoes look extraordinary. You can even choose from different types of boots, but the most popular ones are the stretch boots in Denver red and black buckled boots.

The top names when it comes to wide calves boots are Naturalizer, Ros Hommerson, and Fitzwell boots. The prices do come in variety it depends on the design, the circumference, the material used, and other relevant factors that do affect a pair of footwear price.

However, if you want to have a unique pair of wide booties, you can have a pair custom made to suit your specifications and desire. There are people who offer hand or custom made shoes. There is no fixed price but it might be lower or higher than the ones in the market. The beauty of having your very own boots custom made is that it makes you special and you only have that one pair and nobody else do have. Not like buying in a store, there are at least 4-5 shoes for the same design and style since they do come in different foot size.

When it comes to material, always go for leather or suede, they look sexy when worn. Never forget to pair it up with a pair of miniskirt or little black dress for that romantic date you are going to have.

As to proper care and cleaning, never attempt to machine wash your large calf boots. All you have to do is wipe the shoes with a clean cloth and for leather boots keep it shiny with shoe shine.

Boots are good investments. This pair of footwear can be worn whatever season it is and so versatile that you can even wear it whatever type of clothing you do have, whether it’s a pair of jeans or a dress.

When it comes to shopping for wide calf boots, you can choose either online or buy at a boutique store near you. Always keep it simple, comfort and design. That’s all you are looking for in a perfect pair of shoes, no more, no less.

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  • The Uggs Boots Season Is Here!
    Now when winter is here you might wonder what will be this year’s main winter boots. In the past, Ugg boots are said to have been invented by the shepherds who live in regional Australia, to protect their feet from the harsh weather. These types of sheepskin boots are now the number one winter fashion trend since the beginning of 2003.
  • Womens Ugg Boots 2011 – The Warm & Cozy Look
    During the 1970s, Ugg boots have become so popular among surfers who would pull them on, after entering the sea, so that their feet will be free from the annoyance brought by sand.
  • Wide Ugg Boots For Large Women
    When taking the decision of the size of Ugg boots, you should be going to the widest region of the calf. During the first trial of boots, it is very important to know that the wrinkles and gaps are usual at the ankle.
  • Wide Calf Boots – For The Attractive Women
    During the purchase of wide calf boots, it is very important to read all customer information carefully. Wide calf footwear are usually 15 inches at the upper side of the shaft in the normal variety. There is no big difference between 15 inches and 17 inches veal calf. An ideal vendor will provide wide boot styles with various sizes.
  • Plus Size Boots For Muscular Calves
    Plus size boots are available in a lot of varieties. They are normally made up with leather material. The heels are normally lower and stockier. This quality brings more comfort those other varieties of boots.
  • Bearpaw Boots – The Cheap Ugg Alternative
    Since Bearpaw boots are made of sheepskin material, they are thermostatic and helps keep the feet warm. Although these boots are not made in Australia were the earlier created emu boots were in both men and women’s versions came from, lately, there are some specific trends that have been played up as the women’s hauteur fashion items in order to make a versatile statement.
  • Wide Calf Boots To Look Fashionable!
    The look of wide calf boots are very gorgeous and stylist. Apart of the large calf boots made up with leather materials, man-made croco and faux are also use to create these boots. They are chosen by environmentalists as they would like to wear footwear which is not create with creature’s materials.
  • Genuine Ugg Boots For the Fashion Women!
    Since the demands for wide calf uggs is increasing, many merchants are now seeking ways to take advantage of these demands, and this leads to the production of so many fake, Ugg boots which only makes the avid consumers so disappointed. So you have to be very careful when shopping for these types of boots, because you might end up buying the fake ones.
  • A person should choose the cowgirl boots in the lower size if she’s size is 17.5″. The lower size boot can be perfect fit due to their stretching power. For a more comfortable feel, the stretchable big calf boots is the best choice. They are usually created using materials like crocodile and the patent. There are also cowgirl boots that are expandable; especially those boots with stretchable Lycra panel on the back.

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