Large Calf Boots

For most women shopping brings joy and happiness that no other thing can bring. Shopping for shoes then finding the perfect pair is a most enthralling experience, especially if you are shopping for a specific kind of footwear; large calf boots. If you find the perfect pair of boots, no doubt you would be bubbling with confidence each time you wear them. However, for some women the search for the perfect pair may take days or even weeks if they have big calves.

The boot has to fit the leg in two places, the foot and the calf. If you have a large calf then the normal boot would not fit you at the very top. This would be very frustrating especially if the pair you chose does not fit you at the calf. Squeezing your calf into a boot would be something very dangerous as it may cut of blood flow to your foot and would be quite uncomfortable to wear.

There are several options for you if you have big calves. The most common solution available is to purchase boots fitted with a stretchy material at the upper. Although stretch boots for large calves are commonly found and they may not fit all calves and the elegance of the boot is also reduced by such an addition.

There are some boots such as Fitzwell boots, which are made not only to match various foot sizes but also to match various calf sizes. Therefore, you stand a better chance of getting a pair that fits you perfectly. There are also some manufacturers who say that their boots are roomier, which only can be verified by trying the boots.

Another option, which can be pursued, is taking your normal pair of boots to a shoe stretching service. For a small some ranging from $10 – $50 the boots can be stretched at the calf by about two and a half inches. This is one of the cheapest and easiest solutions available if you can find a place, which offers shoe stretching in your area. The amount of stretching which can be done also depends on the material out of which the boot is produced.

If you have a rather big budget, you can get a pair of boots especially made for you to perfectly match your measurements. This option is likely to be very expensive.

Whatever solution you may wish to pursue there is one tool that can really make your life easy. If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can use it to find large calf boots and also find out whether various claims which manufacturer’s claim are true by reading reviews posted by various customers who purchased the product. You can also employ it to find the retailers who are selling boots for large calves in your area.

So do not let your calf stand in the way between you and the perfect pair of wide boots online that you always wanted.

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    Really good info on what to look for when searching for plus size footwear.

  2. This is a nice blog who is talking about the sexiness of wearing wide calf boots.

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